Statement: Vedat Gashi Fails His Own Standard on Voting Rights

6 months ago • 2 minute read

I believe that every citizen deserves the right to vote and that protecting ballot access is a fundamental tenet of voting rights. That's why I'm disappointed to see that Vedat Gashi has objected to my ballot access, intending to disenfranchise 40,000 voters in our district on the basis of 283 specific objections based on legibility.

As a candidate who claims to stand for voting rights—who provides lip service to his party’s national agenda without confronting the voting rights issues we have here in New York—I urge Vedat to withdraw his objections and join me in protecting ballot access for all candidates in our district.

I am committed to protecting our voting rights. This includes supporting policy proposals that expand ballot access and working to remove unfair obstacles in New York for independent candidates, such as overbearing signature requirements for independent petitions and unlimited funding access for major party candidates. Protecting ballot access is as important as protecting our right to vote; without ballot access, the right to vote is meaningless.

I am proud to be a part of this community and to have the opportunity to serve its people. I will continue to stand up for what is right and fight for the values that matter most to our district. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every voice is heard.