The Journal News: "A Leading Voice" for Accountability in Westchester

Beyond Politics

In the current political climate, temperatures are way too high and neighborhoods are too quickly divided by political affiliation. And, because our elected officials in Westchester County government are concerned with national political agendas, they often fail to meet the moment.

We need to move beyond politics and focus on the shared goals of our community by recognizing the values we hold in common.

Accountability and Transparency

Westchester's Board of Legislators has abdicated its oversight responsibility of county government, inciting one corruption scandal after another while lying to voters about more than $500 million in tax increases while our post-employment debt obligation to more than double the county budget. A private company would be bankrupt under a similar set of circumstances.

Dan Branda has the experience to ask the tough questions, hold his colleagues accountable for their words and actions, and ensure our government serves the people by taking a Satisfaction Guaranteed approach for every outcome.

Investment for Our Future

New York State had the worst pandemic response in the country and its economic recovery is lagging. Westchester is even further behind and misused its federal grant money to support vacant jobs on the county budget.

Our county has lost its ambition for major projects and investments that benefit the community. Dan Branda knows we can do more, whether its increased capital projects that benefit all of Westchester while supporting thousands of new full-time jobs, the establishment of an Asset Maintenance Fund to streamline planning and legislation of routine maintenance, a new partnership with our utilities dedicated to storm hardening throughout Westchester, and significant new investment in our Community College to make higher education more affordable and accessible.

Better Educational Outcomes

Schools are our most significant investment and our community's most frequent interaction with government. But because our local elected officials do not have authority over schools, they take a hands' off approach.

Dan Branda is committed to being an advocate for parents and working with our school boards and administration to make sure the community's shared voice and goals are heard.

The Affordable Housing Crisis

We are in an affordable housing crisis throughout New York, and that is felt especially hard right here in Westchester. However, the solution cannot be for the Governor to take over our local zoning rights, to build urban neighborhoods around each Metro-North station, and to leave local taxpayers left holding the bill for the necessary infrastructure upgrades that come with increased density--including roads, sewers, and schools.

Dan Branda will vigorously defend our communities’ constitutional right to determine their own zoning, and demand enforcement of our rights while working with citizens and non-profits to advocate for and implement policies that ensure Westchester becomes more affordable—offering a place to live, work, raise a family, and retire to everyone who wants to come here.

We can embrace two complex, superficially conflicting ideas at the same time. We can also work hard to reduce the county property tax levy and lessen the tax barrier to home ownership in this county.

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